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Embark on a Cinematic Odyssey with Astral Dance

Step into a New Realm of Cinema where we redefine the line between fandom and ownership, inviting you to transition from a mere spectator to an active participant in the movie-making journey.

From an Oscar®-Winning team of producers , including a multiple Academy Award®- Winner for THE LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy  and an Effects Creator on the SPIDER-MAN Franchise  comes a new Sci-fi Film that's part cosmic expedition and part emotional odyssey.
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Financial Rewards

Unlock the Cinematic Magic: Benefits of Movie Token Ownership

Every digital asset unit you purchase isn't just a Fan Token; it's your key to unlocking rewarding experiences. These rewards not only let you enjoy exclusive benefits but also entitle you to a share in the movie's success. We're committed to continually sharing the movie's returns with you, based on its performance.




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Compose Your Way to Hollywood!

Hollywood Harmony - the Music Contest

Seize the chance to have your music echo globally, with 'Hollywood Harmony.' Showcase your musical genius in our Hollywood Sci-Fi movie, 'Astral Dance.' It's more than a contest; it's your gateway to global fame. Let your melody captivate the world!

Six Winning songs will be released as part of the Original Soundtrack of the Movie

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Dance into the Hollywood Spotlight!

Hollywood Beats - the Dance Contest

Step into the limelight with 'Astral Beats' and let your dance moves tell a story on the silver screen. This is your moment to shine in 'Astral Dance,' a Hollywood blockbuster. Dance your way to fame and become a cinematic sensation!

Three winning dancers get a chance to appear in the movie.

Win a Chance at Exclusive Opportunities

Exclusive Set Visit

You could be among the fortunate few who get the chance to explore the movie's filming set and witness the magic of filmmaking up close.


Signed Artwork Collection

A select few movie token holders will receive personally signed pieces of art from the creators themselves.


Limited Pre-Visualized Artwork

An exclusive privilege limited to just 10 pieces, granted to 10 fortunate digital asset unit holders, each bearing the creators' personal signature.


Premiere VIP Invitations

Join the privileged few digital asset unit holders who will get exclusive invitations to attend the grand movie premiere.


Authentic Film Prop

Some lucky individuals will have the exclusive opportunity to own a genuine movie prop.


Personalized Video Messages

You could be one of the fortunate few to receive a personalized video message directly from the movie's director or cast.

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