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Discover the Essence of Contemporary Indian Art

Explore the Samsara Art collection, curated by experts and presented by Toyow. Our virtual gallery features 10 distinct Indian fine art paintings, each rich in cultural narrative. In partnership with Mumbai's renowned Samsara Art gallery, we bring tangible art pieces to a global audience.

These artworks are physical, enhanced by tokenized certificates of provenance for digital assurance of ownership. This fusion of traditional art with modern tech offers a unique, secure ownership experience, blending authenticity with innovation.

Explore Art Like Never Before

Navigate through our interactive virtual gallery from the comfort of your home. Experience art in a new light, delve into detailed descriptions, and connect with the essence of every artwork.


Your Personal Art Collection Awaits

Select from our exclusive range of Indian art masterpieces. Each piece offers a seamless buying experience, uniting the authenticity of traditional art with the ease of digital acquisition. Enhance your space with India's artistic heritage. Accompanying each artwork is an NFC smartcard, providing detailed information about the piece, its digital provenance via the blockchain, and real-time ownership tracking. This integration guarantees the artwork's history and your ownership.

Own a Piece of Artistic Heritage

Acquire these exquisite artworks and receive a tokenized certificate of provenance and ownership, authenticating your piece. While you'll possess the physical art, the tokenized artwork serves as your digital proof of ownership and the artwork's history. Transactions are seamless, using INR or Dollar, with all details securely stored in your Toyow wallet, linking you intimately to the art's journey while upholding the artist's intellectual property rights.

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Become a Part of the Samsara Art Story

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